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Latest release - 2020: COLOR ME

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I've always been very playful. I like to explore the world in all its spheres, colours and situations. I like to meet people, their lives and places and ask how do situations, stories and lifestyles sound?

I love to express my strong, fragile and vulnerable FEMALE artistic voice through body, vocals and beats.

On my journeys I collect a bouquet of experiences, moments, encounters that flow into variegated sounds, shiny voices and weird electronics.

Helen and her hulahoop is a very inspiring picture (a photograph by Chris Fillip, I discovered in Museum of Modern Art Stockholm), BUT also the BEST picture for helahoop: A girl being playful, detecting environment, creating an own world with bits, samples, moves, circles..

I take you on a journey through earthly folk, ironic pop, atmospheric triphop mixed with a breeze of jazzy improvisational attitude and I invite you to dance, move, express, find your voice through my art or just lean against a wall and listen closely to all the small sounds that are going on.

Let's dance, bath in warm sounds, be absurd and enjoy! Jump on the wave of helahoop's sound through Arty-Pop, electronic sounds, beats and atmospheric melodies and harmonies.




Demo EP faces

playlist: 1. faces 2.0 03:27 2. flood of emotions 03:48 3. all the stars 04:16 4. faces (original) 03:03 5. lucky streets 03:09 incl. extra-track "de leid" - live @ Porgy, Vienna (Nov. 2015) mix by: Flo Rabl design: Mats Dekock